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Here's My Application

Name : Lisa
Age : 13
Location : Ohio
Favorite bands : Something Corporate, The Delays, Daft Punk, Blink 182, The Dandy Warhols
Favorite movies : Pretty In Pink, Napoleon Dynamite, The Last Unicorn, Kill Bill, Cruel Intentions
Favorite foods : Ice cream, Goldfish crackers, Cocoa pebbles, Chicken
What makes you happy : Dances in gym class, complaining to my band teacher, livejournal, Ashley, food, ice cold water, Soemthing Coporate, bubble gum, Matthew! dollar stores
What makes you sad : talking about my ex bf, hearing babies crying and no one helps them, not being able to go to concerts, retards
Things you loathe : preps, jocks, poser bands, tight jeans where your ass sticks out, internet pervs, people who copy what i do
Things you love : koalas, reading, thinking, sitting in my closet, trying on my clothes, drawing, my friends, family, my baby sister
Hobbies : drawing, walking around, listening to music, dancing, making faces at preps
Three interesting things about you that you want people to know : i feel really bad for the mentally challenged, though i may not seem like i do. i am overly obsessed with playing neopets. i have no life, anyone want to help me shop for a new one?
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